Technology FAQs

  • How do I contact the members of the Instructional Technology team?


    You can reach your Instructional Technology Specialists at the following numbers:

    Clara Alaniz, Specialist: x28975
    Leah Heerema, Specialist: x28971
    Fern Johnson, Specialist: x28973
    Nancy Watson, Specialist: x28976

  • What is that new website that lets us get one-click access to all our programs?


    That is called Webdesk, and you can access it by typing in your browser's address bar (works best in Chrome). And yes, there are iOS and Android apps for Webdesk, too! After installing the app, tap "Log in with ADFS" to access everything from your phone.

  • What's the difference between the App Depot and PISD Apps? How do I access the programs I need for my classroom ?


    Think of the App Depot as the school version of your phone's or tablet's App Store: you must first load new programs from the Depot in order for them to be available on your computer. Once a program has been downloaded to a workstation - by ANY user - the program will be available in the appropriate folder in PISD Apps to all subsequent users. If you log in to a different workstation, the programs you're used to may or may not have already been downloaded, so check the folder in PISD Apps first. If the program is already there, just click to launch it. If you're not seeing the program you need, go to the App Depot to download it.

  • I'm having trouble with the [Elmo, laptop, BenQ, etc.] in my classroom. Can someone help me?


    First, contact your Campus Technology Assistant (CTA). CTAs are trained on how to use classroom technology and will help you accomplish your goal. If you need more help, complete this form and one of the members of the Instructional Technology team will contact you within 48 hours.

  • I'm supposed to use a particular program, but I don't see it listed in my App Depot. What should I do?


    When a new program is pushed out, or when you log in to a workstation for the first time, it can take some time for all of the programs to populate in the App Depot. Sometimes if you just wait a few minutes and open the App Depot again, all programs will appear. Other times, you may need to log out and log back in (sometimes as many as three or four times) in order for all programs to be visible.
    Occasionally there are programs that are specific to certain users or certain workstations. If you are trying to access a program that is stubbornly refusing to appear in your App Depot, please contact one of the members of your Instructional Technology Team, and someone will help you.

  • How do I install a printer?


    1. Log in as usual. You will need to have logged in to your workstation at least twice before installing a printer.
    2. Launch Internet Explorer. (Printer installation will not work in Firefox.)
    3. Type printing.inside.pisd in address bar.
    4. Click the printer icon at top of the list that contains your campus.
    5. Scroll down list to find Host Name of printer to install
    6. Click Host Name of printer. (This can be found on a label on the top/front of the printer.)
    7. Click Connect.
    8. Click Yes to query about adding a printer.
    9. When the process is complete, you will see a message indicating the printer has been installed.
    10. Click the back arrow to return to list for additional printers OR click All Printers.

  • How do I know what programs I have access to?


    In general, you are welcome to use any program that appears in your App Depot. Refer to your grade level curriculum planner for specific titles you could consider using in your class. If a designated program does not appear in PISD Apps and is not available for download from the App Depot after you have logged in and logged out at least three times, contact one of the members of the Instructional Technology team.

  • I'm logging in to a different computer. Is there a trick to getting my email to open on a computer I don't usually use?


    There are two ways to see your email on a PISD computer you don't normally log in to. The first is to access the web-based version of your email. In the Internet browser's address bar, type OR The username is your full PISD email address, and the password is your network password. Click the Sign In button, and you'll see your email in a web-based format.

    The second way to view your email is to open the full version of Outlook from the Microsoft Office folder in PISD Apps. When the program begins its installation process, click the Next button three times. After several seconds, a window will pop up near the top of your screen. Your email address appears in the top field as You will need to delete the "ad." that has been inserted after the @ sign. When your email address is entered correctly, type your network password in the password field and click OK. After you click Finish, the full version of your Outlook mail will open.

  • I would like my team to get training on a particular technology topic. Is that possible?


    Your Instructional Technology Team is always available to help you learn something new! We can come to you before or after school or during your planning period, whichever option is most convenient for you. We have some ready-made training or can design a session just for you! Visit our Professional Learning page to see our menu and click here to submit a training request form.

    • 10 Things Every PISD Teacher Should Know...


      In no particular order...
      1. How to download and access necessary programs
      2. Principles of good presentation design
      3. Principles of good File Management
      4. How to access videos on Safari & Discovery Ed
      5. Photo and Video editing how-tos
      6. How to take pictures/videos and how to upload them to the computer
      7. How to use (and safely eject) a USB drive
      8. Principles of digital citizenship - use Common Sense Media!
      9. How and why to use Twitter
      10. How to use MyLearningPlan to locate and sign up for upcoming professional development classes

      Need help with these 10, or with anything else? Contact us!